No not the druid I’m talking about the variety we refer to when we consider the wow classes. If balance were that easy I’m sure it would exist already. That said I think the idea of balance is relative to what perspective you think balance should exist. If you play a powerful class you might want to become even more powerful or perhaps you want one of the few challenging classes for your class nerfed. And if you are a healer for example, you may have been wishing for some more defensive abilities.

Either way the eternal debate seems to be always centered on what factor wow is balanced around. Is it a certain class or two? And of those is it balanced at the max level? Is it balanced around PVE or PvP? Or is balance some combination of them all?

The popular notion of every class having the same exact DPS or HPS is kinda crazy when you think about it. I don’t even think its possible, though Blizzard does come close. In the end our classes have merged in so many ways. After leveling

up several healer classes it seems there are a number of spells that all do the same thing and the only way they differ is with a different name and a different look to the spell. Sometimes the spells even have the same name (flash heal).

I like to think balance as more than just everyone doing the same DPS, however. Balance can also be the other abilities that we have. Such as the number of interrupts some classes have or an amount of defensive or mobile abilities some classes have. There is also the issue of gap “openers” vs. “closers” to consider. In fact, one of the imbalances that clearly stands out in Cata PvP like it has in no prior expansions is the balance between melee and casters. Mages and rogues have traditionally been the strongest classes on either side of this balance. Then everyone else follows. I believe we complement each other in ways (as we did in raids (buffs). So you might have a rogue who is the ultimate gap “closer” and a paladin who isn’t so much but has other abilities the rogue doesn’t posses. Same for mages, they could be considered the current ultimate gap “opener” and priests are the weakest among the casters in this regard. These are just small examples but I’m sure you get the picture.

If you examine gaps, silences, DPS, AOE/Single target, mobility, buffs, auras, mana regen etc you begin to realize there is a lot going on here. Then add in gear, player skill, situational issues and it all looks like a big mess. I’d like to think Blizz has it right somehow. Certainly they know more than we do and there is this master plan.

Ultimately, what goes on behind the scenes is making these classes fun, unique, and useful. Thats a pretty tough act to put up. Perhaps, some classes are purposely weaker or less OP than others so that you end up leveling all of them.