We’ve all read some pretty weird forum posts in the past few years as you may have. In any case one particular thread named What I would do to Ghostcrawler if i saw irl was kind of fun to read. Some responses included I’d give him a hug and get his autograph, snap his photo and then post on a level one alt to turning him into a giant chicken and blast him with lasers from the moon. I wish I could link it to prove it to you but for some strange reason the link to that forum thread has been deleted. I could understand why as some of it was getting kinda creepy. In any case, there is an archive of part of the original thread here

With that said, here are a few ideas of my own:

1) To show him our thanks we cake him to dinner. Denny’s and Tex Mex.. Might be a bit tacky. A good beer and .. Hooters might work.

2) Ask him a bunch of questions including the whereabout of that moose he promised us.

[vsw id=”pgMg5s__PDs” source=”youtube” width=”480″ height=”390″ autoplay=”no”]


3) Offer to help him with his household errands because blue posts are srs bsns.

4) Show him your wow raid setup? Hint: show him the screen shot from your iPad. Don’t actually bring him back to your
basement. Not sure he would agree to go with you. Or would he.. Ghostcrawler?

5) Take him shopping. Where? My guess he likes Best Buy,

6) Take him to the movies, cause he probably hasn’t been there for a while with all the class balancing he has to do all the time.

7) You can sing him a song a few Lady Gaga tunes come to mind

8)  Ask him to model for your Ghostcrawler painting.

9) Show him your wow figurine collection

10) Help him with his taxes.

11) Set him up on a blind date with your sister

Do you have any other ideas?