So as the World of Warcraft game progresses starting a character from level 1 gets to be more of a job than ever. Even with the enhancements to get from level 1 to 85 some players are wondering if its even necessary any more.

Well I could understand this point of view to a certain extent. After all I’ve leveled up almost every single class in the game and outfitted them with some decent gear. I’m sure many of you have as well. With all that time spent, it starts to seem pointless to spend another 5-7 days played time to level up another toon. This is especially true when you are only leveling up the second or third 85 so you can play on a different wow server for example.

But what about tradition? What about the lore? What about the fun of it all? I guess it depends on whom you ask. For some, leveling is all they like to do. And for others including myself, leveling is just the means to get to 85 and experience the real game of raiding and PVP. Yes running the old dungeons can be fun all over again (Zul’Farrak!) especially when you’re running with seasoned professionals but even that gets tiring after a while. I propose we get some kind of option in the game to make accelerated leveling once you get so many 85s for example. Say three  ok five 85s, how about that? Level five 85s then leveling your 6th toon takes an even shorter amount of time. You get a leveling co-efficent that makes it faster even at the highest levels. Thats where I get stuck the most with my toons. By 75 I just get bored, I’m not sure about you.

Okay, okay so we kinda have that co-efficient already in the name of a guild bonus and wow heirlooms which give a modest 10% XP and 20% if you are stacking two of them, but why do those heirlooms stop working at 80?   I say If you level your 2nd toon of any class you get the second at 1/2 off or heirloom items work all the way to level 85. That would sound great. Something to acknowledge you’ve already leveled a few 85s  if not all of them.

On the other hand of the leveling argument, I know why it is necessary. Its necessary to prepare players for the the other more demanding forms of game play. No one wants to join a PUG with other players with no thought put to their gear or play style. Because even if you have a warrior or a mage at 85 it doesn’t mean you are going to play that new warlock like a pro. Players who rush to 85 by whatever means and don’t experiment/learn/research their abilities, have historically been among the worst players of all time. And as much as I love to play with everyone for the sake of playing with others in a social environment, raiding/PVP is serious business (srsz biness) for most of us.

Still with leveling in place there are so many ways for those players to get to level 85 without doing a thing anyway. They can have a higher level friend level them up through an instance, or even pay for one of those illegal leveling services. So having leveling in place as a game mechanic doesn’t guarantee players will learn anything at all.

So what do you think? Should Blizzard reconsider leveling?