French Speaking Guilds on US Servers / Guildes Francophone

*More updates coming soon


Eonar especially on horde side

Mug’thol (PvP)- Alliance & Horde

Zul’jin (PVE) – Alliance

Exodar – US – Alliance

Lethon – US




[H] <Blood of the Titans>- Eonar-US

[A] <The Dreamers> Lightbringer – US

[A] <KBecKoi> Alexestraza – US)

[H] <Omen> – Gorefiend – US

[A] <Invictus> – Ysera – US

[H] <Trample> – Magtheridon

[A] <Dreamzorz> – Emerald Dream

[A] <Dementia> – Mannoroth – US

[A] <Made in Qc> – Aegwyn – US

[H] <Overrated> – Maelstrom – US

[A] <Infinity>

[A] <Ad Honores>

[A] <Gardien de Lys> – Zul’jin – US

[A] <La Chasses Galerie>

[A] <Invictus>

[A] Francs Tireurs – Exodar – US




*Key: [A]: Alliance, [H]: Horde.

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