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West Coast / “Late Night” / Weekend Servers or Guilds

If you are living on the west coast and have a job or other time constraints it can be difficult sometimes to find the right server or guild for your raiding needs. From my experience living on the west coast, a good majority of guilds in the US raid from 6-9 PM EST to 9-12 PM EST which makes that 3-6  PM PST to 6-9 PM respectively. So I found it difficult to find guilds that started raids at my preferred hours of 8-9 PM to midnight or so. I grew sick and tired of racing home from work, thats if I could even get out of work that early as there was the occasional overtime. Furthermore I might be stuck in traffic. Even if I could make these raids on time I despised the fact that I had little time for myself between work and raiding to get something to eat or take care of errands.

This issue can also be an issue for guild leaders who are trying to recruit players and end up with a lot of east coast applicants who either have to wing it or think they can do it for a while and then quit due to scheduling issues. In the end, these guilds end up having to call themselves “late nighters” so it is clear to others that they raid later in the day.

Reading the Alliance/Horde Recruitment forums can be a job in itself. I was always wishing there was a better way to filter out postings/threads that don’t apply to my search. Some people think finding the right time zone is as easy as finding a server on the time zone you live in. However, a PST server time does not necessarily mean the players on that server are on west coast time. In fact I have found a great deal of servers which were PST but had a large population of people who lived on the east coast. This made finding a decent west coast server population very hit/miss if even impossible to find.

Blizzard hasn’t helped much in this regard. All new players are given a list of recommended servers regardless of what time zone they live in. Not sure if this has changed but they have little incentive to match you with a server in your time zone. The most obvious reason for this is every time you request a server transfer they make money.

I’ve tried to help you with guild research by creating a few lists of late night, west coast and weekend raiding times/guilds. Please note this information doesn’t guarantee that you will find happiness or even a big enough server segment for your needs. Things may have changed dramatically since this posting/update either due to guild instability and/or the ability for individuals and guilds to transfer servers at a moments notice. I’m just showing you where to look and check out the details for yourself.

Please also note these lists are US centric for now. I’ve will try to include information for our European Union (EU) brothers as well in a future posting.

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