Basic Warcraft Glossary / Terminology

I will add to this glossary as I see fit in case you run across any words in my writings that you may not understand. I hope this helps!

AOE – AOE stands for Area on Effect. This is any spell that has the ability to affect more than one target at a time. AOE Damage is the damage done to multiple targets whether they are players or mobs. AOE Healing are spells that heal multiple players at once and usually within a certain range.

AFK – AFK stands from Away From Keyboard. In BC/Vanilla if you were away you had “AFK” in your title. Now when you are away from your keyboard the title in your name will simply read “Away.” However other players may still refer to you as “AFK.” You can also still type /AFK to create the effect.

“Aggro” – This means to gain hatred from a non-player character whether that is a boss or some other NPC character. You gain hatred /aggro either from being too close in proximity and or doing some sort of damage to NPCs. If you are in a group setting where a tank is taking the most aggro you dont want to have more aggro than he does or the mobs will be beating up on you instead of him.

BC – Stands for Burning Crusade, the 2nd expansion of World of Warcraft

Blues – items in game that are better quality than Greens. Blues can also

Blue Post – this is what wow players refer to official posts and responses from Wow Developers.

Cata – Stands for Cataclysm, the 3rd expansion of World of Warcraft

“Clothie” – A player in a class that can only wear cloth. This includes mages, priests and warlocks. Note: All classes can wear cloth but mages, priests, and warlocks are limited to cloth only hence the name.

“CD” / “CDs” – CD stands for Cool Down. Basically this is the amount of time that you are required to wait before you can reuse a certain spell or ability. It may be a matter of seconds or it could be measured in minutes of time.

“CC” /”Crowd Control” – Many classes in wow are capable of controlling other mobs or players simply by taking them out of combat for a short time altogether. Example, a mage can polymorph (“sheep”) a humanoid mob or player.  Warlocks can banish elementals and rogues can sap humanoids. Overall, crowd control can potentially save healer mana when the rest of the group is taking less damage.

CTF – stands for Carry The Flag, referring to battlegrounds where possession of the flag is part of the main objective. The Warsong Gulch battleground

CRZ – stands for Cross Realm Zone. This is Blizzard’s solution to low population and/or low activity realms. Players from multiple servers are now being merged on the same realm together in certain areas of the game.

Dailies – Quests that can be accepted and done on a daily basis. Usually this is done for gold and rep rewards.

DKP – stands for Dragon Kill Points. It is loot distribution system guilds use to help them track guild member participation and loot awards. DKP happens to be one of many such loot systems in place in many raiding guilds today.

DPS – DPS stands for Damage Per Second.  You will hear or see this word used interchangeable as a noun or a verb. Just understand it means the damage done to other players or bosses. As a DPS class it is your job is to pew pew. Which may bring you to the question what is pew pew?? Pew pew is DPS. :P .. Imagine laser beams or ray guns when you say that.

DOTs – DOT stands for Damage Over Time. This is an effect/buff on a player or NPC that gives them a certain amount of damage over time.

Examples: “That mage does some awesome DPS”

“The raid DPS is low”, “DPS that!”  “Stop DPS!”

EFC  – stands for Enemy Flag Carrier.

Flag Carrier (FC) – This is the person who is carrying the flag in battlegrounds such as Warsong Gulch.

FR – stands for Flag Room, referring to areas of the battleground where the flag can be found.

Gear Check – this is what players call raid boss fights that are almost solely dependent on the gear/ilevel of the players in the raid as a top feature. A Tank & Spank is typically a gear check type of fight where you have to get the boss down before he enrages.

Gear Score (“GS”, “gs”) this is the sum of all the levels of equipped gear on your character. Also referred to as iLevel.

Greys – Worthless items whose in-game links are grey in color. You can usually just vendor or sell these for gold.

“GCD” or Global Cool Down or Universal Cool Down – This is the time it takes for an ability to be used by a character. Usually when you cast a spell you will not be able to cast another until the GCD is finished.

Global –  This means to kill someone pretty fast usually with an ability global cool down hence the name.

HOTs – HOT stands for Heal Over Time. Basically its any effect/buff that will give you a certain amount of heals over a few seconds or “ticks.”

ILevel, ilvl – his is the sum of all the levels of equipped gear on your character. Also referred to as iLevel.

IRL /RL– this is short for “In Real Life” and one of the categories I have on this website. Basically refers to issues that happen outside of World of Warcraft or Reality :P

Line-of-Sight (“LOS”) – This is means to break the straight line between you and a mob or another player. If you are not in the line-of-sight of another player or mob you cannot affect them with your direct spells or abilities. This includes healing abilities. So for example,  if you run out of range of your healer or stand behind a pillar you have in effect created a LOS between you and him. If a healer says your name and “LOS” he cannot currently heal you wherever you are. Tanks will also use this as a tactic to get mobs into position especially when he wants to avoid pulling other mobs with the ones he is targeting.

LFD – LFD stands for Looking for Dungeon. People usually refer to the LFD tool that Blizzard has implemented in the wow interface to match up players across realms for dungeon groups. LFD is sometimes also referred as LFG which stands for Looking For Group.

LFR – LFR stands for Looking for Raid a feature Blizzard introduced into the game that makes it easier to form PUG raid groups.

Mechanics – the elements and things that make a boss fight work. These are things that the raiders have to pay attention and/or react to in order to successfully finish the encounter.

“Mob” – Mob is short for monster. These are the NPCs in game who are aggressive and will try to kill you.

MOP – stands for Mists of Pandaren, the fourth expansion of World of Warcraft

NPC – NPC simply means Non Player Character. It can be a helpful character such as a quest giver or it can be an aggressive character who will try to kill you if you approach. All in all, NPCs are programmed to behave in a certain way and are not controlled by us humans outside of the game.

Noob: AKA “newb” “noobie” “noobsauce””˜noobcake” “nooblet” “nub” and various other variations. Someone who is new at something. It means someone who is new to the game, new to being level capped, new to raiding etc.

However, makes one very strong distinction for n00b (thats two zeros between the letter “n” and the letter “b”) and all variations of the word is someone who not only is new to something but doesn’t even try to learn how to be better at what he does. He tries to ride the wave, get carried by others and generally is there to provide entertainment for you and your raid-mates to make fun of.

OP – means over powered. This is typically used is discussions/debates over class in wow.

Peel – This is when players are in a battleground or other PvP situation and teammates will get enemy players off their healer.

PUG – Definition #1: A cute little dog. There is a pet equivalent named Perky Pug that is awarded in game to players who complete the “Looking for multitudes Achievement.

#2) A PUG merely stands for “Pick Up Group”. This is when you start a group with players who you may or may not play with regularly or played with prior before.

PVE – Player versus environment meaning anything in game that isn’t another player.

PVP – Player vs. Player

Raid consumables: These are all the things you should bring to a raid for your class in order to help the raid go more smoothly. Ask a more knowledgable raid leader and/or player for assistance as I am only going to list a few examples here. Ex. A healing priest would bring mana potions, water, flasks and reagents so he could buff the raid and have enough mana during and after encounters.

RP – Role Player, Role Playing etc.

Stealthie /Stealther– any class that is capable of using stealth abilities (hiding themselves in plain sight). This includes rogues, druids, and sometimes hunters. Mages can use an invisibility spell but its very short term, so they are not usually included in this group.

Tank & Spank – a raiding term which generally means an easy fight where all you have to do is stand there and dps/tank the boss.

Train – This is when a group of enemy players all attack the same player target at once in PvP situations usually a healer.

Vendor – means to sell something to an NPC (see NPC)

WOTLK – stands for Wrath of the Lich King, the third expansion of World of Warcraft

WoD – Warlords of Draenor, the fifth World of Warcraft expansion.