A Low Level ShamanOther Tactics for Power Leveling in World of Warcraft

As a Follow-up to the article, How to Power Level in World of Warcraft, listed below are more tips on power leveling on your own:

1) Quest Don’t Just Grind Mobs

If you aren’t in a dungeon then always be on a quest line of some sort. Simply grinding mobs can level you but not as fast as grinding mobs AND doing a quest at the same time. Try to skip quests that you suspect will waste your time. A good indicator of a time-wasting quest is a low drop rate quest or a quest that has you  traveling to different parts of Azeroth etc.

Try to group quests nearby and be prepared with any items you need for future quests. A cheap power leveling guide will help you figure out which quests to skip, which will bring you the most XP etc and which items to bring in your journey to leveling up. Try Zygor’s Leveling Guide, Extreme Leveling Guide or Dugi’s Leveling Guides.

2) RAF (Recruit A Friend)

Blizzard has an account feature called Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) that allows you to invite one of your friends or family to join and play World of Warcraft. When you friend starts a trial account, you can invite him or her to a group to play with you.  You both receive a 300% XP bonus as long as the two of you are in a group and remain in close proximity to one another. Furthermore you receive an extra mount. There are other bonuses for the both of you.  Read more details about RAF at the Blizzard Recruit-A-Friend FAQ page.

3) Level in Dungeons

Since the invention of the dungeon finder, getting a group for instances has gotten a whole lot easier. It’s very easy nowadays to start questing and queue for a instance group to break the pace of questing all day.

4) Get Run Through Dungeons By a Higher Level Friend

Getting someone to run you though dungeons may help as far as gear goes but you end up taking an experience hit due to the fact that the higher level player is in the group with you. Some people try to get around this by ungrouping with their higher level friend and then tagging the mobs first and then letting their higher level character finish the kill. Still it is worth it in the end for the gear so you can level faster and more efficiently on your own. An alternative is to just get the gear on your own in dungeons using the dungeon finder to group with players at your own level. Its far more fun to do dungeons like this anyway.

If you want more advice on leveling read How to Power Level in World of Warcraft

Remember: Don’t use power leveling services. You risk being banned or worse.

Please note that power leveling services are not only illegal according to the Blizzard Terms of Service but they are highly unsafe to use. Do not fall for any advertisements to claim the contrary.

When you use a power leveling service you allow someone else or a company to level your character for you. You give them your password and account information in order to do this. You leave yourself open to future hacking and other issues so its strongly advised that you avoid doing this.