Trade ChatIf you haven’t heard of, then read on! The site provides a way for you to get your raids done if you’ve missed your regular raid. It is also good for the casual player who doesn’t have time raid on a consistent weekly basis with a formal raiding guild.


How It Works

Battle-tags have opened up a world of cross realm raiding and PvP. This isn’t LFR, its the real deal and will lock you for your regular 10/25 man instance for the week. The way it works is you go to the OpenRaid website, then register and add your battle-tag to your account so people can contact you. Then add the toons you would like to raid or PvP with to your profile. Then you search for raids to join and add yourself to the list to be invited. If accepted, the raid leader can invite you in-game by adding you as a battle tag friend then adding you to his/her raid group. It is as simple as that!


Simplicity In-Game

You can also download the OpenRaid plug-in so that open raid events you sign up are added to your in-game calendar to remind you.  If you choose not to use the add on, you will still also receive email reminders as your raid date/time approaches.


This Is A Win-Win For Everyone

If you ask me this is a win-win situation for people who are busy, on dead servers, or looking for a few extra raid opportunities outside of their normal guild runs. Its also great for older instances that aren’t as popular anymore. People are running all sorts of raids, from classic dungeons like Tempest Keep to the current dungeons in MOP and with different goals (meta achievements, mount runs etc). The website makes it all easy for you to search for these raids. You can even create your own.

Openraid has even made several mumble servers available so you can all chat with one another. And in case you are wondering what Mumble is, it is another application similar to ventrilo. You can download the mumble application here.  Mumble is available for both windows and mac users.


PvPers You’ve Not Been Forgotten!

So PvPers everywhere are wondering whats in it for you right? Well I’m happy to announce that is a section for you to group up with others as well for rated battlegrounds. It doesn’t seem as active as the other sections, but that may change as more and more players become aware of this site.


The Community & Extra Features

A nice feature is that there is a rating system in place, which helps keep out the bads and primarily people who don’t show up for raids when they say they will. There is also a forum and live chat section so you can discuss and/or instantaneously plan upcoming raids with other open raid members. Other non-tangible benefits include a new way to make friends in the game. You may even find a new realm to call your home.

Right now there are over 100,00 users who have joined the site. I expect that will only grow with time. I expect it may even catch Blizzard’s interest and be incorporated in a future release.