Shadowfang Keep Loot

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Loot Table for Regular Shadowfang Keep

NameItem LevelTypeSlotBoss
Baron's Scepter211H, MaceWeaponBaron Ashbury
Robes of Arugal21ClothChestBaron Ashbury
Wolfmaster Cape21ClothBack, CloakBaron Ashbury
Baron's Scepter211H, MaceWeaponBaron Silverlaine
Silverlaine's Family Seal21RingFingerBaron Silverlaine
Arced War Axe212H, AxeWeaponCommander Springvale
Commander's Crest21ShieldOff HandCommander Springvale
Feline Mantle21ClothShouldersLord Godfrey
Haunting Blade212H, SwordWeaponLord Godfrey
Meteor Shard211H, DaggerWeaponLord Godfrey
Odo's Ley Staff212H, StaffWeaponLord Godfrey
Black Wolf Bracers21LeatherWristLord Walden
Butcher's Cleaver211H, AxeWeaponLord Walden
Eerie Stable Lantern21Off HandOff HandLord Walden
Phantom Armor21MailChestLord Walden

Loot Table for Heroic Shadowfang Keep
NameItem LevelTypeSlotBoss
Robes of Arugal346ClothChestBaron Ashbury
Baron Ashbury's Cuffs346ClothWristBaron Ashbury
Boots of the Predator346LeatherFeetBaron Ashbury
Gloves of the Greymane Wall346PlateHandsBaron Ashbury
Traitor's Grips346MailHandsBaron Ashbury
Baron Silverlaine's Greaves346PlateFeetBaron Silverlaine
Baroness Silverlaine's Locket346AmuletNeckBaron Silverlaine
Boots of the Lingering Sorrow346ClothFeetBaron Silverlaine
Gloves of the Uplifted Cup346LeatherHandsBaron Silverlaine
Pendant of the Keep346AmuletNeckBaron Silverlaine
Arced War Axe3462H, AxeWeaponCommander Springvale
Breastplate of the Stilled Heart346MailChestCommander Springvale
Haunting Footfalls346MailFeetCommander Springvale
Springvale's Cloak346ClothBack, CloakCommander Springvale
Thieving Spaulders346LeatherShouldersCommander Springvale
Chaos OrbTokenLord Godfrey
Greaves of the Misguided 346PlateLegsLord Godfrey
Helm of Untold Stories346PlateHeadLord Godfrey
Lord Walden's Breastplate346PlateChestLord Godfrey
Mantle of Loss346ClothShouldersLord Godfrey
Mantle of the Eastern Lords346ClothShouldersLord Godfrey
Meteor Shard3461H, DaggerWeaponLord Godfrey
Relic of Arathor346RelicRelicLord Godfrey
Shackles of Undeath346PlateWristLord Godfrey
Staff of Isolation3462H, StaffWeaponLord Godfrey
Worgen Hunter's Helm346MailHeadLord Godfrey
Blinders of the Follower346ClothHeadLord Walden
Burden of Lost Humanity346MailShouldersLord Walden
Double Dealing Bracers346LeatherWristLord Walden
Iron Will Girdle346PlateWristLord Walden
Phantom Armor346MailChestLord Walden

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