Lost City of Tol’vir Loot Tables

*Scroll further down the page for the heroic version of the table.
Loot Table for Regular Lost City of Tol'vir

NameItem LevelTypeSlotBoss
Crafty's Gaiters333LeatherFeetSiamat
Evelyn's Belt333ClothWaistSiamat
Geordan's Cloak333ClothBack, CloakSiamat
Hammer of Sparks3331H, MaceWeaponSiamat
Leggings of the Path333LeatherLegsSiamat
Mantler of Master Cho333ClothShouldersSiamat
Ring of Three Lights333RingFingerSiamat
Tia's Grace333TrinketTrinketSiamat
Zora's Ward333ShieldOff HandSiamat
Barim's Main Gauche3331H, DaggerWeaponLockmaw
Heart of Solace333TrinketTrinketLockmaw
Sand Dune Belt333PlateWaistLockmaw
Sand Silk Wristband333ClothWristLockmaw
Veneficial Band333RingFingerLockmaw
Balkar's Waders333MailLegsHigh Prophet Barim
Greaves of Wu the Younger333PlateFeetHigh Prophet Barim
Resonant Kriss3331H, SwordWeaponHigh Prophet Barim
Ring of the Darkest Day333RingFingerHigh Prophet Barim
Tauntka's Necklace333AmuletNeckHigh Prophet Barim
Greaves of the Wu The Elder333PlateFeetGeneral Husam
Ionic Gloves333MailHandsGeneral Husam
Kaleki Cloak333ClothBack, CloakGeneral Husam
Seliza's Spear3332H, PolearmWeaponGeneral Husam
Spirit Creeper Ring333RingFingerGeneral Husam
Oasis Bracers333LeatherWristtrash mobs
Mirage Ring333RingFingertrash mobs
Impetuous Query333TrinketTrinkettrash mobs

Loot Table for Heroic Lost City of Tol'vir
NameItem LevelTypeSlotBoss
Crafty's Gaiters346LeatherFeetSiamat
Evelyn's Belt346ClothWaistSiamat
Geordan's Cloak346ClothBack, CloakSiamat
Hammer of Sparks3461H, MaceWeaponSiamat
Leggings of the Path346LeatherLegsSiamat
Mantler of Master Cho346ClothShouldersSiamat
Ring of Three Lights346RingFingerSiamat
Tia's Grace346TrinketTrinketSiamat
Zora's Ward346ShieldOff HandSiamat
Chaos OrbTokenTokenSiamat
Balkar's Waders346MailLegsHigh Prophet Barim
Greaves of Wu the Younger346PlateFeetHigh Prophet Barim
Resonant Kriss3461H, SwordWeaponHigh Prophet Barim
Ring of the Darkest Day346RingFingerHigh Prophet Barim
Tauntka's Necklace346AmuletNeckHigh Prophet Barim
Greaves of the Wu The Elder346PlateFeetGeneral Husam
Ionic Gloves346MailHandsGeneral Husam
Kaleki Cloak346ClothBack, CloakGeneral Husam
Seliza's Spear3462H, PolearmWeaponGeneral Husam
Spirit Creeper Ring346RingFingerGeneral Husam
Barim's Main Gauce3461H, DaggerWeaponAugh
Heart of Solace346TrinketTrinketAugh
Sand Dune Belt346PlateWaistAugh
Sand Silk Wristband346ClothWristAugh
Veneficial Band346RingFingerAugh
Oasis Bracers346LeatherWristtrash mobs
Mirage Ring346RingFingertrash mobs
Impetuous Query346TrinketTrinkettrash mobs

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