Halls of Origination Loot

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Loot Table for Regular/Normal Halls of Origination

NameItem LevelTypeSlotBoss
Anhuur's Hymnal333TrinketTrinketTemple Guardian Anhuur
Band of Life Energy333RingFingerAmmunae
Bloodpetal Mantle333MailShoulderAmmunae
Bulwark of the Primordial Mound333ShieldOff HandAmmunae
Mouth of the Earth333AmuletNeckAmmunae
Robes of Rampant Growth333ClothChestAmmunae
Seedling Pod333AmuletNeckAmmunae
Slashing Thorns333ThrownThrownAmmunae
Alpha Bracers333PlateWristsAnraphet
Anraphet's Regalia333ClothChestAnraphet
Boots of Crumbling Ruin333MailFeetAnraphet
Mantle of Soft Shadows333LeatherShouldersAnraphet
Omega Breastplate333PlateChestAnraphet
Breastplate of the Risen Land333PlateChestEarthrager Ptah
Soul Releaser3332H, StaffWeaponEarthrager Ptah
Underworld Cord333LeatherWaistEarthrager Ptah
Armguards of Unearthly Light333PlateWristsIsiset
Blood of Isiset333TrinketTrinketIsiset
Legwraps of Astral Rain333ClothLegsIsiset
Nova Band333RingFingerIsiset
Ring of Blinding Stars333RingFingerIsiset
Band of Rays333RingFingerRajh
Blade of the Burning Sun333Main hand, SwordWeaponRajh
Fingers of Light333PlateHandsRajh
Hekatic Slippers333ClothFeetRajh
Left Eye of Rajh333TrinketTrinketRajh
Legguards of Noon333PlateLegsRajh
Red Beam Cord333LeatherWaistRajh
Right Eye of Rajh333TrinketTrinketRajh
Solar Wind Cloak333ClothBack, CloakRajh
Sun Strike3331H, SwordWeaponRajh
Chaotic Wrappings333MailLegsSetesh
Helm of Setesh333PlateHeadSetesh
Helm of of the Typhonic Beast333ClothHeadSetesh
Hieroglyphic Vest333LeatherChestSetesh
Scepter of Power333Main Hand, MaceWeaponSetesh
Awakening Footfalls333LeatherFeetTemple of Guardian Anhuur
Belt of Petrified Tears333MailWaistTemple of Guardian Anhuur
Darkhowl Amulet333AmuletNeckTemple of Guardian Anhuur
Poison Fang Bracers333LeatherWristsTemple of Guardian Anhuur
Charm of the Muse333AmuletNecktrash mobs / zone drops
Temple Band333RingFingertrash mobs / zone drops
Book of Origination333Held in Off-HandOff Handtrash mobs / zone drops

Loot Table for Heroic Halls of Origination
NameItem LevelTypeSlotBoss
Anhuur's Hymnal346TrinketTrinketTemple Guardian Anhuur
Band of Life Energy346RingFingerAmmunae
Bloodpetal Mantle346MailShoulderAmmunae
Robes of Rampant Growth346ClothChestAmmunae
Seedling Pod346AmuletNeckAmmunae
Slashing Thorns346ThrownThrownAmmunae
Alpha Bracers346PlateWristsAnraphet
Anraphet's Regalia346ClothChestAnraphet
Boots of Crumbling Ruin346MailFeetAnraphet
Mantle of Soft Shadows346LeatherShouldersAnraphet
Omega Breastplate346PlateChestAnraphet
Breastplate of the Risen Land346PlateChestEarthrager Ptah
Soul Releaser3462H, StaffWeaponEarthrager Ptah
Underworld Cord346LeatherWaistEarthrager Ptah
Bulwark of the Primordial Mound346ShieldOff HandEarthrager Ptah
Mouth of the Earth346AmuletNeckEarthrager Ptah
Armguards of Unearthly Light346PlateWristsIsiset
Blood of Isiset346TrinketTrinketIsiset
Legwraps of Astral Rain346ClothLegsIsiset
Nova Band346RingFingerIsiset
Ring of Blinding Stars346RingFingerIsiset
Band of Rays346RingFingerRajh
Blade of the Burning Sun346Main hand, SwordWeaponRajh
Fingers of Light346PlateHandsRajh
Chaos OrbTokenRajh
Hekatic Slippers346ClothFeetRajh
Left Eye of Rajh346TrinketTrinketRajh
Legguards of Noon346PlateLegsRajh
Red Beam Cord346LeatherWaistRajh
Right Eye of Rajh346TrinketTrinketRajh
Solar Wind Cloak346ClothBack, CloakRajh
Sun Strike3461H, SwordWeaponRajh
Chaotic Wrappings346MailLegsSetesh
Helm of Setesh346PlateHeadSetesh
Helm of of the Typhonic Beast346ClothHeadSetesh
Hieroglyphic Vest346LeatherChestSetesh
Scepter of Power346Main Hand, MaceWeaponSetesh
Awakening Footfalls346LeatherFeetTemple of Guardian Anhuur
Belt of Petrified Tears346MailWaistTemple of Guardian Anhuur
Darkhowl Amulet346AmuletNeckTemple of Guardian Anhuur
Poison Fang Bracers346LeatherWristsTemple of Guardian Anhuur
Charm of the Muse346AmuletNecktrash mobs
Temple Band346RingFingertrash mobs

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