Just in time for Christmas! Prices have come down for some products in the Blizzard wow store.

So If you have multiple accounts you will be thrilled to learn that the game licenses for all the Warcraft games are marked down. This is great for multi boxers who might not have gotten around to upgrading all of their accounts yet.

The World of Warcraft Battle Chest is only $5.00/9,99 The battle chest includes the original World of Warcraft game, the second Burning Crusade expansion, a beginner’s guide, and one month’s game time.

The third expansion Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK)  is now $10/24,99 and the fourth expansion Cataclysm is $20/24,99 . Note that prices are in effect till December 19th in the USA Store and December 21st in the European store.

If you haven’t bought the Pandaren monk pet yet, this is a good time because he is half off at $5! Blizzard I wish all your pets and mounts were $5  Moving on the price for the Celestial Mount is down to a sweet $10  Please note that players in Europe aren’t able to get the pets on sale but they do get a reduced price on StarCraft £29.99 /39,99