Pepper Spray Cop Pepper Spray 10,000,000,000,000 HP

Special abilities: Pepper Spray, Agonizing Breath, Baton Blows, WideNet, Taser Link, Deadly Cuffs, Farty Barrage, Blue Aura of Silence (this is a weird aura that has silencing and other effects but wowbizspy isn’t sure what they are.) Adds abilities: Trample, Acid Snort

Phase One: Heals & Raid Positioning

First of all the Pepper Spray encounter will be especially hard on your main tank.  Tanks will begin tanking him in the center of the room and should have him facing away from the raid but this won’t be easy because his aggro table can be pretty jumpy especially when he’s mobile in phase 2. It is also helpful for the MT and off tanks alternate in order deal with his crushing Baton Blows which hit for 75,000,000 a piece.

His Agonizing Breath (instant cast) is pretty damaging (100-200k fire damage) and for good reason he smokes, drinks and eats a lot of limburger cheese (a terrible combination!). Tanks can opt to wear a little fire resistance gear to try and mitigate this. Furthermore, he has a special aura called Blue Aura of Silence so casters beware, you do not want to be within 20 feet of him or deal with being silenced. Melee may notice he occasionally let out a Farty Barrage from behind and which does a pretty good amount of shadow damage but this is a clearly visible gas and can be avoided.


Second Phase: Adds

In phase two Pepper Spray will start walking around the room and randomly spraying players with his canisters. He won’t be using the baton in this phase so don’t worry. Pepperspray will get on his radio and call for backup, so thats going to mean adds and lots of them! Players will have to deal with those while avoiding pepper spray from all over the place. A paddy-wagon or two will roll out into the center of the room, the doors will open and out will come police adds. Some of them will be on horseback and others will be driving these cute mini squad cars which are harder to kill.

Mounted adds will occasionally rear up in the air and use Trample which can instantly kill a player.   The horses will  occasionally snort acid breath so its best if you have your ranged on the horses and melee on the squad cars.

WideNet  Adds will occasionally try to group up and try to net groups of players off to the side of the room. So you need to keep them separated.

A special tactic you can use on the adds is to have a couple of your DPS get on the turrets placed around the room and shoot the them down with coffee and donuts. These have  a nice sedating effect on the adds and makes it easier on your healers.


Third Phase: Drown in Pepper Spray And Even More Adds!

The third phase is a repeat of phase one but with an extra difficulty of a lot more adds and pepper spray!

Pepper Spray will go back  to the center of the room and return to using Baton Blows and a new ability called Taser Link which will randomly target and shock random players around the room dealing 60-150k arcane damage. This type of damage is unavoidable so raid healers will have to keep and eye out and just heal the raid through it. Players are advised to stay at least 15 feet from each other so they don’t chain shock each other.

Towards the end of this phase, the canisters around Pepper Spray’s utility belt will become vulnerable, so get your best DPS to switch their focus on them. Once they are all gone, Pepper Spray is nearly defenseless and the raid can focus fire him down. Note that there is an enrage timer on this guy so be careful. This is one hell of a DPS race, so burn the canisters down as as fast as you can.

Note: In Pepper Spray hard mode he has a added ability in phase three called Deadly Cuffs (a 3 second cast), which will cuff a random player to one of the poles around the room. The player will unable to move or fight or heal. So its really important that the other raid members break them out.

Achievements:  You can get the “We’re All Going Down Town” in Pepper Spray hard-mode if you successfully get him down while at least 7 players remain cuffed.

Important Disclaimer: does not recommend you treat any real cops as if they were raid bosses. This post is for entertainment purposes only.