low level wow toon

If you want to learn how to power level your character without using one of those illegal power leveling services then read some of my tips below. It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. After a while you’ll be developing your own shortcuts and start power leveling just like the pros.

1) Know the Class You are Playing

For starters it helps a great deal to know know a little something about your class. If you are playing wow for the first time or a class you are unfamiliar with then it helps to know what to expect. Knowing which abilities are the strongest or most efficient, and/or the best leveling spec at each level for your chosen class will put you well ahead of the game. In addition, knowing which gearing/stats you should be shooting for will also help you a great deal. Sometimes classes seem weak until they get to a key ability or level so it helps to know these things as well before you get discouraged.

2) Use a Power Leveling Guide

A good power leveling guide will save you a great deal of time. These are completely legal. They help you to group quests together, help you decide on which quests to skip, and ultimately get you to level cap faster by tried and tested methods. Most of these will even have in game mods to guide you directly in game so you won’t have to tab out to read a PDF guide. There are quite a few guides I can recommend which include:

a) Zygor’s Guide -This is one of the best horde and alliance leveling guides out there. It includes a very thorough in-game mod that works on both mac and pcs. It includes custom way point arrows, 24 hour technical support, and a whole lot more.

b) Extreme Leveling – This is also a very good guide to use. It includes an in-game mod, very distinctive maps, and a lifetime membership among quite a few other wonderful features.

c) Dugi’s Guide – This guide is also comes very recommended. It has an in game mod that will work with your pre-leveled characters, it also includes skip quest detection, in-game talent guides, compatibility with Carbonite and a whole lot more.

3) Rested Experience

The rested experience bonus allows you to level at twice the normal rate on mobs you kill. So make sure to always rest in an inn when you aren’t playing your character or you won’t earn this bonus as quickly.

4) Power Level With a Friend

Hooking up with a friend can make power leveling more fun and less like a chore. Any class combination will do but some classes duos are better than others. Keep in mind that if you are power-leveling you may get ahead if your friend isn’t committed to power-leveling as fast as you do.