There is a popular cross-realm pre-made forming each day to beat alliance in AV and other BGs. The focus however is in AV where alliance have traditionally dominated with their predictable zergfest.

The group is run by Rathamus of Netherzim who has been running the group now for 3 years with approximately 570 wins and only 2 losses as of this writing (February 13, 2012).

You can read the full Rath AV strategy here It’s called the Rath Strat which Rathamus says is a coincidence. In any case it’s a tad bit outdated with mention of the perception alliance racial but otherwise it is still a valid and working strat. There are also videos on you tube. I’ve linked an example below:

Rath Strat


The Rath Strat basically goes like this.

Note: There may be some variation to this. This is not the official strat, its just a basic run down of how things generally go. For more details and ideas see the official Rath Strat

1) The group splits into two.. The larger to defend/heal Captain Galvanger Galv and wipe all the Alliance who go there. Bodies are looted so no alliance can ghost walk and for the collection of Stormpike Soldier’s Blood. The other group are composed of stealthies who will go up north to cap the towers in Dun Baldar.

2) After Galv is saved, the group splits again. With some going north to meet up with Alliance and keep them choked off between SHGY and Iceblood Tower the rest capping the towers. Capping graveyards are always a secondary priority because they can always be recapped.

3) Once the south towers are capped, clean up any stray alliance in the Field of Strife and any stragglers near Galv and elsewhere. Then rendezvous with the group up north.

4) Continue to push up north and choke Alliance off at Ice Wing Bunker (behind the stump so no one can get by even if they try going though the lumber mill). This maneuver is called “The Choke.”

5) Once the choke is established and kept well maintained, kill Balinda. It should take only 4 DPS and 1 healer.

Optional: Summon Lokholar the Icelord (Lok) for some LOLs

6) Leaving a small group of 5-7 at the choke, the rest push forward north towards storm pike grave yard (SPGY). This is called the “Death March” stage. Note: SPGY is never to be capped, this allows you to keep farming HKs and Alliance tears there.

7) Horde Wins! The score usually ends up being Alliance 0 and Horde 600+. Horde players can earn between 500-900 honor per AV BG. Note we don’t do it for the honor we do it for the glory of making Alliance QQ!

If you are interested in joining, go to the following vent server and ask for an invite. Cross-realmers are welcome! Just ask for the REAL ID of the BG Raid Leader.. Usually Rathamus or his co-hort Deciliation.

Rathamus AV Pre-made Vent Info Port 4135

Note: Vent is required as is the Preform AV Enabler Mod

More Notes About Rathamus’ Pre-mades:

During the day there can be a wait list between 10-25 people. With more people the goal is to create a 2nd or 3rd group so don’t be discouraged. The group has also drawn the interest of a few people from the famous multi boxing guild The Zerg. While you raid with the group you can also enjoy some epic battleground music selections that Rath has created in a separate vent channel.

All in all, it’s a wonderful group, people work together, we have fun and we kick Alliance ass! Spread the word!