Farmer Yoon

The wow forums are now full of grumbling and debates about dailies. Reasons why a lot of players don’t like them include the following:

1. They take too long, and feel like a long grind

2. They are boring.

3. They feel forced, given it’s the only way to get all the recipes for professions and the best pre-raid gear.

4. There are no other options to earn rep such as the use of the tabards that were used in Cataclysm and WOTLK.

5. Having to get to revered with one faction in order to start another. Example: You have to earn Golden Lotus rep before you can even start on August Celestials and/or Shado Pan rep.

Some players including myself never bothered with dailies before the Mists of Panderia expansion because we never liked doing them to begin with.

Dailies are now tied to reputation and valor raiding gear that is far better than what you can get in heroics. Some of you may say, dailies are optional, not required, and that the best heroic gear is fine for raiding, but for progression minded players, that is not the case. Raiders especially hardcore raiders feel obliged to get every piece of upgrade possible in order to help in their guilds.

There is hope!

After doing dailies every single day I was able to get to revered and even exalted within a month’s time. Due to the weekly 1000

valor cap, I am not even able to get all the gear I’ve qualified myself to purchase. So keep this in mind before you enslave yourself to dailies every single day. Just work on one or two factions if thats all you have time for. This will also prevent the burnout you would eventually feel after doing every single faction every single day. Luckily revered status is highest level you’ll need with most factions to get the best-in-slot starting raid gear. Once I got to revered on Klaxxis I just stopped doing them altogether. I only kept going with Golden Lotus because I wanted that crane mount so badly.


Reins of the Azure Riding Crane

Reins of the Azure Riding Crane available once you reach exalted status with the Golden Lotus faction.


But wait! There is even more hope!

Dailies are also acting as an automatic barrier to entry to get alternate toons just as raid ready as your main, making it more of a grind for people who like to raid on multiple alts. There is hope however, I found a recent blue post

That said some of the rep grind and dailies will change. Players who get to revered will earn double rep on their way to exalted. Their alts on the same battlenet account will also benefit from earning double rep once one of their main toon gets to revered. As of this writing I don’t see it yet in the 5.1 PTR patch notes, but I expect it should happen by then.

The Upside of Dailies

I can understand why Blizzard put the dailies in place. They wanted to give us something to do. Get people out of the major cities and into the Azeroth world. Other than dailies, Blizzard has pet battles to keep people busy. Farming, yes the new FarmVille is a hit. I do tend to go back to my farm even when I know crops aren’t ripe yet and Valley of the Four Winds seems now to have an active chat much like Barrens chat back in the day. All in all, the going to this area makes the farming/cooking dailies are fun.

I appreciate how we can kill daily mini bosses without having to group. Horde and alliance alike can all tag the same boss and kill it together. In a certain sense there is a community feel to some of the quests where doing them together helps even if we are ungrouped.


At one point, I was almost ready to hire someone to do my dailies for me. But now that I’ve seen how they work, I’ve learned to appreciate what they bring to the game.