1) The Narcissistic Guild Leader. You know the type, he’s usually the main tank and he’s geared to the teeth. You are required to be in vent, not because it makes communication easier but because you just gotta hear just how LEET he really is. You are a part of his/her little empire.  You say anything at all that is counter to his ego and get GKICKED on the spot. You may never even know why.


2) The Nice Guild Leader. This guild leader is just too nice Enough to make you sick because you want to stick around and help the guild progress a little. The nice guild leader is always  somehow inviting the WORST players on the server to join in your raids. He or she will make everyone wait for hours on end while he explains the fight in the greatest details. You wanna pull your hair out.. Eventually you have to leave because your own wow toon threatens to leave you if you have to do that crappy instance one more time.



3) The Insane Guild Leader – This leader knows his stuff but his methods match his madness. His raid/pvp strategies are like no one else’s.





4) The AFK Raid Leader – Simply Put, he’s AFK. All the time.. It sure makes him a great dps/healer/tank doesn’t it?


5) The Inexperienced Guild Leader: The inexperienced guild leader refuses to allow anyone else to lead the raids. He’s terribly unorganized, doesn’t know boss fights and starts long chats about stuff like what he had for dinner last week while everyone is sitting around waiting to pull. Healers grow frustrated  and often do the pulling themselves.

6) The Ninja” A classic You thought this guy was cool . You thought he had your back. You looked up to him almost like a father figure until the most epic of all flying mounts drops. Before the guild can roll he and the mount are never to be seen again.








7) The Gross Guild Leader – You know more about his bodily functions than you ever wanted to know about another human on the internets. This guild leader will open his mike just to slurp, fart, burp or describe other disgusting things in his life that he feels appropriate. It’s almost a reflex of his. Ewww.


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