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131 Witty And Downright Crazy Ass Guild Names

Cute druid kitty enjoying "Life"

I decided to put together a list of some witty, sometimes weird and downright odd guild names. Luckily I was able to find quite a number of them… I could go on forever but decided to stop around 131. Why? I don’t know! So read on…

1. <Morrissey Eats Kittens>

2. <You Hate Us Cause You Aint Us>

3. <Absolutely Grobbulus>

4. <You Don’t Know Karate>

5. <Naga Please>

6. <Pretty Pink Pwnies>

7. <CSI Stormwind>

8. <I Hate Walking>

9. <At Least We Have Stables> – alliance guild

10. <Lincoln Wiped On Opera>

11. <Gluten Intolerant>

12. <Sparkling Pop Princess>

14. <Trade Supplies> (Flag to trick ppl you’re an NPC, also <Innkeeper> <General Supplies>, <Warlock Trainer, <Mining Trainer>)

15. <Has A Monitor Tan>

16. <Snakes On A Zeppelin>

17. <We’re Pissing All Over You>

18. <The Fire Heals You>

19. <Hates You>

20. <If Ganked Will Log Main> and <Dont Make Me Get My Main>

21. <Doesn’t Need You>

22. <I’m A Seal Arp Arp Arp>

23. <Two Ocs One Cup>

24. <Children Of Truth>

25. <And His Amazing Friends>

26. <Disciples of Cloisture>

27. <The Great>

28. <And Two Stealthed Rogues>

29. <Offline>

30. <MMOs Before Hoes>

31. <Shaman Stole My Bike> and <Naga Stole My Bike>

32. <Straightjacket Elite>

33. <Catgirl Sparkle Vampires>

34. <Judegement of Justice>

35. <For Your Health>

36. <Whack A Gnome>

37. <The Bunnies Are Angry>

38. <Spaceballs The Guild>

39. <Grand Theft Kodo>

40. <Whispers of Mutiny>

41. <Nightmare On Elf Street>

42. <Gank Or Die Trying>

43. <Chances Are We’re Pro>

44. <FUS RO DAH>

45. <ROFLes and PWNcake>

46. <Twinkle Twinkle Little Horde>

47. <Hells Panty Raiders>

48. <Pice Vendor>

49. <Thatched Roof Cottages>

50. <More HKs Than Hitler>

51. <MommyTheTrollTouchedMe>

52. <Hamsandwiches Guild>

53. <Sapped Girls Don’t Say No>

54. <Click To Insert Text>

55. <Punishers of Uranus>

56. <Ur Mom Is My Epic Mount>

57. <OMGFlammingKittenLOLLOLLOL>

58. <Fat Kids Lag IRL>

59. <Soft Kitty Warm Kitty>

60. <Ten Inches Unbuffed>

61. <Come Honor Face>

62. <HardcorePwnography>

63. <SlayStation>


65. <Guild Perks>

66. <The Nut Hut>

67. <Urgh Urgh IMA SEEL>

68. <Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs>

69. <Don’t Squeeze The Shammy>

70. <I DPS My Kids IRL>

71. <I Have A Heart On>

72. <Gruul’s Gone Wild>

73. <Girls Gone Wow>

74. <Syphillis Clinic>

75. <Two Gruuls One Cup>

76. <Buds Til Disband>

77. <Jesus Had a Soulstone>

78. <JFK Was Flagged>

79. <Glad Us Knights And The Pimps>

80. <Snakes On A Planestrider>

81. <PVPness>

82. <Nightmare On Elf Street>

83. <Not A Loser>

84. <STDs Are BOPs>

85. <Your Mothers A Horde>

86. <R Kelly PvPed On Me>

87. <CenarionCircle Jerk>

88. <I Go A Huge PvPness>

89. <Irritable Vowels>

90. <Dial M For Murloc>

91. <WTF Pink Tabard>

92. <The Guilty Have No Pride>

93. <Fellowship Of The Bling>

94. <Oprah Windfury Pew Pew Pew>

95. <USDA Approved> — Tauren Guild

96. <I Have Candy Get In The Van>

97. <AFK>

98. <Gold PLZ>

99. <One Of US Is Stealthed>

100. <Thunderbluff Steakhouse> – Tauren Guild

101. <Lowercase Gs> — Gnome guild

102. <Moooooooooooooo> – Tauren Guild

103. <The Science Guy>

104. <Headless Deer Society>

105. <Slow Children At Play>

106. <Noobs EnFuego>

107. <Merciless Janitors>

108. <The Sponge Bob Clan>

109. <Exalted With New England>

110. <Alcoholic Task Force>

111. <Bikini Bottom Barbarians>

112. <Sunken Temple Pilots>

114. <Naga Got A Golden Grill>

115. <Beep Beep I’m A Jeep>

116. <Mad Turkey Disease>

117. <Strawberry Banana Fusion>

118. <Bloodthirsty Meerkats>

119. <Raging Horde On>

120. <Wipes On Trash>

121. <Sonic Death Monkeys>

122. <BRB Cat On Fire>

123. <Dial M For Dyslexia>

123. <Naga Gave Me Harpies>

124. <Mew Mew Murloc Aggro>

125. <Seems Good>

126. <Work> – I’m guessing they play from work?

127. <Muffin>

128.<Grabastic Battle Squishys>

129. <Kings of Morality>

130. <Popsicles In The Cellar> – I guess someone ran out of ideas.

131. <ReadThisWhileIYankYou>

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