a sad wow player

Sad face :(

So we’ve all been in the dungeon or raid groups from hell. As Wrath of the Lich King comes to a close, I thought Id look back and reminisce on some of the not so good times I’ve observed in nearly five years of playing World of Warcraft. You may have some to add to this list as well.

1) You’re a healer and you tell everyone you need 20 minutes to take care of something just before the last boss.

2) You’re the tank and you’ve just told your group that your parole officer is at the door.

3) Somewhere towards the end of the instance you have 0% durability and you don’t have any gold to repair either.

4) You go away from your keyboard for a long period of time without any warning whatsoever and you are the healer or the tank.

5) You decide to let your cat play your character for some strange reason. Paws steers your character right into mobs while everyone is on a quick break.

6) Your raid has been waiting for nearly 40 minutes to find a healer, then you tell everyone that you don’t know the boss and in fact don’t even know how to play your character or that it belongs to your brother etc.

7) You are a hunter in a big room of mobs and you forgot to dismiss your pet before you jumped off a ledge.

8) You are a role player in a cross-dungeon group with non-role players and use a mod that prints “By the power of Greyskull!!” in the /say channel each and every time you hit a mob. The sheer distraction of this causes your group to wipe tragically.

9) Pre-wrath you rolled need on spell power gear for your hunter/warrior/rogue and won against a clothie. You then ask Why you so mad? and log out.

10) You’re a mage and you decide that tanking would be a great new side profession. If only they gave you plate! You are feeling extra confident today as well so you pull an extra 5 more elites than usual! Your uber defense rating doesn’t quite hold up so you naturally die. Then your raid dies a long tragic death.

11) Your raid finally downs the boss and the rare mount drops. The loot master gives out all loot according to the agreed upon loot rules, but when it comes to the mount, he then complains about high latency and suddenly disconnects from the game.

12) You are in a raid pug which has been wiping on a very high level boss for the past 20 minutes. What amazing stamina for a PUG to stick together that long eh? In any case, you start looking around to see who or what might be causing some of the problems and realize that one of the players toon’s is in all greens and blues with missing gem slots/enchants and no weapons equipped at all.

13) You’re the only tank in your raid and after 4 hours of wiping on the same boss it looks like your raid is about to down him. When he’s 15% health, your internet craps out and you suddenly disconnect from the game.