Ok and for the not so nice uses of Leap of Faith “lifegrip” that I’ve learned some people have used. Some are benign and others just plain cruel. So I do not recommend these. People will may start to hate on you and you may not have anyone to play with anymore. You may even be reported for unfair gameplay if you harass players in this fashion.You have to be in a group for these to work but that doesn’t mean that being able to do these things makes it ok because someone accepted an invitation to your group . You will have to use your judgement in each case. If you are among friends and they find it funny, then go for it.

1) To pull a hunter from a feign death (FD) state while a group is wiping. Though I’m sure if this is abused Blizzard will eventually fix/prevent this.

2) To pull blinking mages and sprinting rogues back to you so they have to run with you back to the buff spot in raids.

3) Again to pull other classes from stealing your quest loot while the group loot is on free-for-all.

4) To prevent other classes in your group from drinking.

5) To cause other people to fall off cliffs or elevator platforms if your character is positioned on the top of one in the right way.

6) I read on the forums that one priest pulled someone into the fire purposely to prevent his guild-mate from getting the “Ready for Raiding” achievement in heroic Deadmines. That is just plain mean!

7) Used to pull someone who is trying to abandon the dungeon by running toward the entrance when a wipe is about to occur so that he dies with everyone else.

8) Used on hunters who don’t use aspect of the pact. One priest said that he waited till a hunter was way ahead of him and then he life-gripped him back.

9) Preventing a teammate from capping the flag or defending a territory in battlegrounds before you do (E. G. The race to the stables in Arathi Basin). Wow what a way to piss off people in your group!

10) To disorient someone who has gone AFK. Put them in a different spot than when they left the keyboard.

Again I must emphasize that if abuses like this flourish throughout the game I can imagine that Blizzard would curtail or severely limit what our Leap of Faith spell can do so use it wisely!