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Blizzard tweeted a fitting tribute pic of a beloved movie star. His most notable role was playing Spock in the Star Trek tv series and motion pictures.


He died last month on February 27, 2015 at the age 83. 

Another MMO called StarTrekOnline will in fact create an in-game memorial

Rest in Peace Mr. Nimoy. You will be truly missed. 


Trade ChatIf you haven’t heard of, then read on! The site provides a way for you to get your raids done if you’ve missed your regular raid. It is also good for the casual player who doesn’t have time raid on a consistent weekly basis with a formal raiding guild.


How It Works

Battle-tags have opened up a world of cross realm raiding and PvP. This isn’t LFR, its the real deal and will lock you for your regular 10/25 man instance for the week. The way it works is you go to the OpenRaid website, then register and add your battle-tag to your account so people can contact you. Then add the toons you would like to raid or PvP with to your profile. Then you search for raids to join and add yourself to the list to be invited. If accepted, the raid leader can invite you in-game by adding you as a battle tag friend then adding you to his/her raid group. It is as simple as that!


Simplicity In-Game

You can also download the OpenRaid plug-in so that open raid events you sign up are added to your in-game calendar to remind you.  If you choose not to use the add on, you will still also receive email reminders as your raid date/time approaches.


This Is A Win-Win For Everyone

If you ask me this is a win-win situation for people who are busy, on dead servers, or looking for a few extra raid opportunities outside of their normal guild runs. It’s also great for older instances that aren’t as popular anymore. People are running all sorts of raids, from classic dungeons like Tempest Keep to the current dungeons in MOP and with different goals (meta achievements, mount runs etc). The website makes it all easy for you to search for these raids. You can even create your own.

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Farmer YoonThe wow forums are now full of grumbling and debates about dailies. Reasons why a lot of players don’t like them include the following:

1. They take too long, and feel like a long grind

2. They are boring.

3. They feel forced, given its the only way to get all the recipes for professions and the best pre-raid gear.

4. There are no other options to earn rep such as the use of the tabards that were used in Cataclysm and WOTLK.

5. Having to get to revered with one faction in order to start another. Example: You have to earn Golden Lotus rep before you can even start on August Celestials and/or Shado Pan rep.

Some players including myself never bothered with dailies before the Mists of Panderia expansion because we never liked doing them to begin with.

Dailies are now tied to reputation and valor raiding gear that is far better than what you can get in heroics. Some of you may say, dailies are optional, not required, and that the best heroic gear is fine for raiding, but for progression minded players, that is not the case.  Raiders especially hardcore raiders feel obliged to get every piece of upgrade possible in order to help in their guilds.

There is hope!

After doing dailies every single day I was able to get to revered and even exalted within a month’s time.  Due to the weekly 1000 [click to continue…]